Comerse la calle / Taller de construcción de cocinas móviles callejeras
   Coordinación: Street Food Madrid & PezEstudio / Colabora: Embajada de Holanda
   MediaLab Prado. Madrid / 2014

   Barbican Series / Collaboration with MW Makes
   A collection of  tote bags taking inspiration from the shapes, forms and textures of the Barbican Estate.
   The totes are made with a natural untreated canvas and beautiful oak tanned leather.
   Handcrafted in London.
   London / 2020

   Bread basket / Collaboration with Breakin’Bread
   Swedish Organic Crispbread 
   London / 2019

   Office tote bag / agrolead
   Communication Agency based in Madrid  
   London-Madrid / 2020

   Architectural Concept model / i_vo studio
   Rear extension and studio garden project  
   London / 2020

   Studio tote bags / Cosmopolitan Studio
   Architectural practice based in Lyon (France)
   London- Lyon / 2020

   Coming soon 
   London / 2021

   Sacos Feriantes / Collaboration with Javier Peña
   Libros Mutantes. Art Book & Fanzine Fair
   La Casa Encendida. Madrid / 2014

   Cactus Book
    Special Edition / 2015


    Special Edition / 2014